Our Mission

We’re here to unleash the full potential of the working world by providing the tools and techniques to enable everyone to become more creative, more confident, and better connected in this ever changing world.


In a world where time is money, improvisation is the most effective method for developing the skillset of your personnel.


Let us be the catalyst to enable your organisation to flourish!

Our Mission


Our Story

Improv4Business began in 2017. After years working in the education sector we realised that there was a severe lack of interpersonal skills in the business world. 


We saw the frustration in friends and colleagues, after they had endured course after course, learning “how to present” but not actually having any presenting experience. Or learning the theory of “how to communicate” or “how to be creative”, without actually experiencing it. Traditional training techniques were expensive, ineffective, and lacked lasting results.


A change was needed. A disruptive force to shake things up in the Learning & Development world. So Improv4Business was formed.


Our aim is to deliver world class training, at an affordable price, that gives clients practical experience in the desired skills, and provides long lasting results. The status quo is no longer acceptable and the old training regimes are dead.


Today we are proud to have worked with clients from all over the world, from start ups to Blue Chip companies, from apprentices right up to C Level Executives. Everyone deserves the right to reach their full potential, and we are very excited to help people on that journey.

Our People


Alexander McWilliam

Founder and CEO

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Alex founded Improv4Business in 2017 and brought with him over 13 years experience in the education sector.  He has a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential. In 2020 Alex completed an MSc in Psychology and is currently for his PhD, specialising in the role theatrical improvisation can have on improving cognitive, social, and emotional resilience in business professionals.

David Robertson

Senior Consultant

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Dave is a Senior Consultant with Improv4Business. He has over 30 years marketing & implementing technology solutions, public speaking and performing experience. He coaches individuals, teams and company boards on how to articulate their core worth through storytelling

Seamus Allen

Senior Consultant

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Biography coming soon.

Mark Middleton


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Mark is a consultant with Improv4Business. He is a trained Actor with over 15 years of stage & screen experience and teaches performance techniques to clients of all ages.  He is passionate about people overcoming self-consciousness through technique, training and experiential learning.

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