We provide off-the-shelf and bespoke masterclasses to develop essential skills needed in the modern workplace.


Whether you want to improve your communication skills between team members and clients, develop your personal creativity, or improve your presentation skills, we will build a masterclass to suit your needs. 


Courses run from 60 minute bitesize sessions to 3 day retreats. They can be run as one-offs or as a series, and we can accommodate group sizes ranging from 8 to 100.

Our Courses


Presenting with Confidence

How many of you are required to present regularly or pitch to clients in your day to day work? And how do you feel when you are asked to do one? Excited or Nervous?  How do you cope with being put on the spot and asked difficult questions? Do you rise to the challenge or fall apart?

Learn how to

  • Use storytelling to make your presentation memorable 

  • Engage your audience effectively

  • Present under pressure

  • Deliver dynamic presentations

  • Use your body and voice effectively

  • Structure your presentation

  • Use visuals to enhance your presentation


Ensemble Building

Successful solo acts are rarely, in fact, solo. Chances are that your job will rely on your ability to interact successfully with a variety of other individuals. Our aim is to build your workforce as an ensemble. A finely tuned unit, capable of taking on any challenges that come in their way.

Learn how to

  • Create an ensemble

  • Break down barriers

  • Build trust and support

  • Develop team bonds

  • Use give and take effectively

  • Have each other’s back


Creativity & Innovation

Everything is becoming a commodity in the business world. What sets you apart from the competition, is your ability to be creative, and make your product or service unique. Luckily, creativity is a skill that can be acquired and strengthened with practice.

Learn how to

  • Open your mind to more creative possibilities

  • Use provocation to aid idea generation

  • Create under pressure

  • Sacrifice the need to be right

  • Create individually and as a team

  • Use playfulness for idea generation


Bespoke Packages

Can’t see what you are looking for? Or want to combine a few elements together? Drop us an email to chat through your needs and see how we can help you out.

We can design and deliver bespoke packages to suit your business needs. Maybe you are looking for something to add to your pre-existing training programs? Or a bitesize session to add to your away day? Or maybe something to add to your induction training.


From small independents to internationally recognised organisations, we have the solution for you.

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