The PAPA Learning 


The PAPA Learning Methodology was developed by Alexander McWilliam at Improv4Business. We believe that it is the most effective and efficient method of acquiring and developing skills.


It is split into four stages:

PAPA Methodology Book
PAPA Methodology Prepare


How you prepare for skill acquisition will greatly affect your development of it. We focus on:

  • Myths surrounding skill development

  • Skill identification

  • Objectives and Motivations

  • Deconstruction techniques

  • The importance of research

  • Creating Ideal environments

  • Potential barriers and how to overcome them.

PAPA Methodology Acquire


After the preparation stage, we move onto acquisition. We focus on:

  • The importance of experiential learning

  • Using progressive overload & deconstruction techniques

  • The benefits of observation

  • How visualisation helps

  • The need for fast feedback loops

  • Optimal mindsets

  • Game speed.

PAPA Methodology Practice


After the acquisition stage, we have gained a basic level of a skill, so we move onto the practice or consolidation stage. We focus on:

  • How consolidation occurs

  • The types of practice

  • Optimal practice length

  • The benefits of space repetition

  • How to use acquisition techniques while practicing

  • The importance of honouring your biology

  • How sleep can help us

  • What could interfere with practice

  • A Personal Action Plan

PAPA Methodology Automate


After the practice stage we reach the Automate or autonomous stage. Here we look at:

  • How autonomy is achieved

  • The importance of continual development

  • The need for maintenance training

  • The benefits of a coach

The Benefits

Improved Knowledge Retention

90% of traditional training is forgotten within a week. With the PAPA Learning Methodology this figure is greatly reduced.

Greater R.O.I

As knowledge retention is higher, you don't have to spend money on hiring trainers to go over the same material again and again. You can focus those finances on increasing the skill set of our employees.


The PAPA Learning Methodology can be used for the development of any skill in the workplace, not just those offered by Improv4Business. It can also be used in your personal life for acquiring new skills.


Take your

learning to the

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