Presenting with Confidence 1/2 Day - Reading

I have two questions for you:


  • How confident are you at presenting and public speaking?
  • If you became more confident, what would that mean for you and your career?


We’ve developed a 1/2 day course to kick start your journey to becoming more confident with public speaking and presenting. 


Our masterclasses are 100% practical, with no boring PowerPoint presentations in sight! Within 5 minutes we are up on our feet actively engaging in the process. We use a mixture of solo, pair, and group improvisation exercises to engage you visually, audibly, and kinaesthetically, making it the most effective way (and I believe the only way) to truly develop a skill.


Our brains get wired from life experience and we can only do this by experiencing events. How would you learn to play tennis? By just reading a book? No. You would pick a racket and start hitting some balls. That’s what we do. We give you those life experiences.


This course is limited to 8 which enables a high level of individual attention and feedback.




  • Present under pressure.
  • Refocus your nervous energy.
  • Use your body and voice effectively.
  • Expand your comfort zone.
  • Reduce your fear of presentations and public speaking.


If you would like any more information about this course, please feel free to contact us on 01182 110 780 or email us at

Presenting with Confidence 1/2 Day - Reading

  • Your facilitator for this course is Alexander McWilliam. He has over 12 years of coaching experience, with clients ranging from apprentices & graduates, right up to C-level executives. His enthusiastic and supportive style of coaching will leave you feeling energised about your presentation and public speaking ability.





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