Why you need it

How much money have you spent on developing the performance skills of your employees over the past few years? And what was your R.O.I? Have those skills been acquired, developed, and enhanced? Or has that money been wasted? Thrown down the drain?


Improvisation in the workplace can have numerous physiological, psychological, and financial benefits.

The Benefits


Relieves Tension

Boosts Immune System

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves Cardiac Health

Exercises Muscles

Increases Blood Oxygenation


Improves Moral

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Lowers Inhibitions

Reduces Stress

Increases Psychological safety

Releases “Happy Chemicals”


Reduces Employee Turnover

Increases Productivity

Reduces Sick Days

Increases Turnover

Reduces Absenteeism

Increases Knowledge Retention Rate Leading to a Greater R.O.I.

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