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What we do

We provide off-the-shelf and bespoke masterclasses along with executive coaching services to develop core business skills using acting, improvisation, and psychological techniques. In group settings or 1:1 delegates are guided through the acquisition and development of skills such as presenting, creativity, communication, adaptability, resilience, and many more.

Utilising over 15 years of coaching experience, Improv4Business are the perfect partner for your organisation. We've worked with clients across all sectors, from luxury car manufacturers, to media, to tech, to high street retailers. Whether you have apprentices or C level executives, our masterclasses and executive coaching are a perfect match for your organisation.


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How it works





Continual Development

Either in person, or on the phone, we identify the key aims and objectives for your organisation and its employees and how we can fit in to your training programme.

We create a programme to cover your key aims and objectives.

A draft proposal is sent to you to review. If you are happy with it we move onto the next stage. If not, we review and revise the proposal until you are 100% satisfied.

The initial programme is delivered either in-house or offsite.

A follow up meeting is scheduled to talk through the programme, feedback, observations, and suggested calls to action. Delegates are encouraged to continue their development using their Personal Action Plans.